Monday, 10 November 2014

The fire bird - legend of the fire gem

There once was a fire bird called Codey.  Codey and his family lived in the sun.

One night a wizard broke into Codey’s house because he wanted the fire gem.  His name was Tai Lung and he wanted to rule the world.   Also he thought that nothing will stand in his way. Tai Lung destroyed Codey’s home and hypnotised his family when they refused to give him the fire gem, but Codey managed to escape. 


When he was in the forest by himself, he was very lonely. Also he had to sleep and live in a tree which was very uncomfortable but that was the only place left.


The next day he set off to find some food.  He felt very hungry for fire pies, but he knew that he can’t have any fire pies because he was not at home anymore. He had to eat worms, seeds and other wild things. Just then when he got his breakfast he saw another fire bird.  He was very happy now that he was not the only one in the world.  And the other bird was a girl and she was so pretty. ‘’Oh man I’m in love.’’ Then he went over to her and said ‘’Hi my name is Codey.  I just want to ask you a question is your home destroyed too?’’

‘’Yes it is. My name is Larne.  Hey, aren’t you a fire bird?”

“Yes I am.’’  Then from that day on they become friends. On Saturday Codey told Larne about his family.  Then Larne told Codey about her family.   On Sunday morning they went out for a fly together.    


They were really happy together and hoped that there was more fire birds out there. Then one morning Codey found that Larne wasn’t there ‘'where did she go?’  He asked himself.  Suddenly he heard a scream ‘’ Help!’’.   It sounded like Larne so he flew to the largest tree in the forest. There he found Larne stuck in a trap.


Then he found something else. It was Tai lung the wizard of darkness. Codey had to do something.  He cut the ropes of the trap with his beak and then she was free.  ‘’Thank you Codey’’


Then he found that Tai lung had stolen the fire gem and he got really angry.  He knew he would have to fight Tai Lung.  He said to Larne ‘’Don’t worry I’ll be ok’’. 


Then  she left.  Suddenly she bumped into a girl called Keara. ‘’ Hi my name is Keara I’m sorry if I’d hurt you.  ‘’Its ok I’m fine. Keara is half person half animal but she’s very nice.  ‘’I heard that your friend is fighting with a wizard called Tai Lung.’’  Then Larne showed Keara where they were.


I have to tell you right now that there were burn marks everywhere. Finally Codey got the fire gem and defeated Tai lung. Then all of the fire birds came back home from being hypnotised.  The gem had broken the spell.


On Monday Codey and Larne had three babies.’’What should we call them?’’ "I think we should call them Annabel, Dago and Loran" said Codey. Then they celebrated the birth of their babies with their friends and family. Then from that day on Codey was happy to have his family back and to live in peace in the sun.

The End




By Katherine Ellis